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Who We Are

  • Long-time Alaskan family with 4 generations of Hemophilia, including the oldest Alaskan with hemophilia 

  • Founders of the Alaskan Hemophilia Treatment Center

  • Started the Alaska Hemophilia Association 

  • Founders of the Alaska Hemophilia Camp

We are Eric, Wayne and Louise Cobb, family and friends. We are a family with three generations with severe hemophilia in Alaska. We know the challenges of living with hemophilia. In 1989 we started the Alaska Hemophilia Association (AHA). Louise was Executive Director for 23 years. Wayne was President of the Board for many years. In 1993, to ensure that Alaskans could get factor, Wayne took a job with a hemophilia home care company based in Oregon. In 1992 Louise started, and for 20 years directed, the Alaska Hemophilia Treatment Center (now the Bleeding Disorder Center of Alaska at Providence). At first, AHA sent kids to summer camps in Oregon and Northern California. Then Wayne started and directed Camp Frozen Chozen and Adventure camp for seventeen years. In 2003 Wayne started his own company, Greatland Hemophilia Services, providing factor and other needed services to Alaskans with bleeding disorders. Then in 2015 our son Eric took over as Patient Services Manager/ Owner and continues to provide our patients with excellent care.

Our Service

We know Hemophilia requires personalized care and services. We provide quick and easy ordering and delivery of factor and supplies. Prescriptions are filled by pharmacist, Atta Chowdhry, in Portland , OR, who has worked in hemophilia since 2000 and has a unique understanding and dedication to our community. Ivy Specialty Infusions is available 24/7 to provide pediatric and adult nursing services for infusions, port and PICC line care, home and self-infusion training, hospital discharge care and dressing changes, either at their facility or in your home. If your insurance does not cover costs, we will. We work hard to keep your health care costs to a minimum.

Our Commitment:

We give back to the Hemophilia community, donating regularly to the Alaska Hemophilia Association, the National Hemophilia Foundation, the Hemophilia Federation of America, Camp Frozen Chozen, and various AHA activities and fundraisers. We give scholarships to students with Hemophilia and their parents. For 23 years we donated office and clinic space to AHA and the Alaska Hemophilia Treatment Program, as well as our time and work. Our commitment has always been toprovide the best care possible for you and your family members with hemophilia.

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